Poly boat lifts in Guttenberg & Dubuque, IA

Poly Boat Lifts are the industry's leader in boat lifts. They are customizable to fit any dock configuration, and to fit any hull type; v-hull,stepped hull, pontoon, tritoon, or catamaran. Our lifts help protect your boat from the elements and from moving around in the slip. Poly Lift tanks are made of polyethylene and are virtually indestructible. They come with a lifetime warranty.

We also offer the Roto Boat Lift. While still offering a high quality product, the Roto Lift comes with a reasonable price. Roto Lift features many of the high-end features of the Poly Lift to continue to offer reliability, durability, as well as smooth and quiet operation.

Hydro Systems, Inc, the manufacturer of the Poly Lift and Roto Lift have been building boat lifts since 1975. They are focused on the details which produces a product that is designed to operate safely and efficiently for years to come.